Small gestures are the ones that count the most when preparing your best mother's day gift.

If you are you planning to gift your mom with an experience that she will never forget. Here on this page I have narrowed down my 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts to last a lifetime. Being a mom doesn’t come naturally with just giving birth. You earn it. It’s a title. Moms have been known for being, both superheroes and evil witches. For putting up with your shit and staying with you until you’re able to tackle the world on your own. 

Your mom may have worked on your last nerve, deprived you of childish fantasies that she couldn’t afford you, or just denying you simple things that didn’t even need money. Like allowing you to galavant with your friends till midnight. You remember how that was like especially under full moon nights. You never wanted to go home at 6 cause it felt like you could play all night. 

On the contrary, there is someone who was having a completely different experience with that. Someone who had their jar full of money in their bedroom. You do remember that friend that always brought you a little something for lunch. Someone who didn’t wanna play outside till late cause there was a lot in their house to keep them entertained. Someone whom their mom was their best friend.

Either way, as a child you needed a mom. And if your mom was there for you. She deserves a little thank you.

Let’s jump into it

So you’re here because you have decide to pamper your mother, which i think its a great thing. Especially the ‘evil witch’ mom. These are usually moms who went through hell just for having you as their offspring and had nothing left with them that glitters to make you feel special. She never hated you, she just didn’t know what she was doing but determined to keep you safe and alive. Remember, a lot of our moms mothered us without having a single idea on how to raise a child. Perhaps, your mom can’t even get a date today because of who she became (both, in their psychology and in the process of protecting you.

So regardless of what kind your mom was. Embrace it. Show gratitude and get your mom a perfect gift this Mother’s day.

When people get older they like to go back to basics. My list of 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts won’t be in any order in particular. However, the first one I recommend for everyone to push it up on their list to number one because everything else comes after. I call it.


best mother's day gifts


  1. ‘a proud mom’

Time is everything. Time is a gift of love and a gift of life. Gifting someone with your time means more than that you’re just thinking about them. Cancel everything on your calendar for this day. Whatever you may lose because of it, will best fit under a category of sacrifices you have to make, for a time with mom. All artefacts, trips and SPA treatments will come secondary to this gift. She may not be the kind to voice it out but we all know that it’s natural for all of us to feel proud when we look at the reflection of our accomplishments through work we’ve put in over the years. Phela, don’t forget how handful you were and perhaps still are to your spouse. lol. Anyway. Your mom looks at you as her work of art.

Get her close people whom she loves being around them, to feast at least a two hour breakfast with her on Mother’s Day. Even if it’s an hour. Big family dinner. Out in the garden. This is just a small portion of her day but it fits perfectly as one of the best mother’s day gifts.

Sending her on a cruise in that ‘all white’ situation, won’t cut it for this gift. Unless if it’s just tickets changing hands on this day but the trip is booked for another day.

Be there. Everything else is secondary. Thats gift number 1. Everything else is supportive.

     2. ‘mind, body & soul’

In my opinion, Mother’s Day should be a week long celebration. Think about it. Mom gets a new thing everyday for seven days. I think bosses should cater for this. Mom needs a cleansing experience. This only comes once in twelve months. A mothering prowess is absent without a little bit of stress. Mother is probably addicted to this now. Mom needs a chill pill. Mom needs to be fed a chill pill. 

Book Mom an all inclusive package at a SPA plus a Yoga Session in the afternoon. Even if it’s her first time, she will love it. She’ll probably want to do it every month after that because she ‘needs’ it.

Later on, to a dinner where she will be called Mam’ and treated with Nina Simone, almost at zero decibels with the quality chords prominent at very low frequencies. This place might remind her of your father incase he’s no longer around. It’s fine though cause you’re here for wine and food. These top two are the best mother’s day gift that any mom would kill to have.

The rest is material.

   3. ‘plants’

Plants are a good reflection of ourselves as ‘suckers for love’. The embodiment of life on their own. It would be nice to get her something that produces colourful flowers. Something that has a spirit like lavender. The representation of refinement, grace and elegance. I don’t know about your mom but my mom was class.


best mother's day gifts


This will keep her spirit in pure joy, clear minded and relaxed. She didn’t go to Dubai but she would have had a best day of her life.

4. personilized pillowcases (this will change every year)

Here you can get family member’s names printed on them then put your scattered cushions inside.

5. ‘money’

You may not know this but money buys all of us freedom to think. If you can afford it just pay her a reasonable Mother’s Day fee. Unless if your mom is rich then money won’t mean anything to her but the sense of giving her money will still make her feel very special. Remember a thought of it counts. So this one definitely goes to the best mother’s day gifts list.

If your mom is not a rich mom, just give her a good pay cheque for that day. You’ll thank me later.

So these are my best recommendation for this special day. Juggling between things in our lives and making arrangements like these may mean  sacrificing other important things that directly need your attention. Use an errand service that can handle all these arrangements for you.



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